December 21, 2021

7 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Gardener


7 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Gardener

They say it’s easiest to buy gifts for someone who has a hobby — and a gardening hobby may just be one of the most gift-able pastimes out there.

Holiday gifting season is upon us, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Much like your gardening chores, gift-giving can be delightful when it’s infused with love, personality, and some time in the soil.

Gifting for gardeners is extra enjoyable because you know your gift is supporting habitat and soil regeneration…and potentially feeding you next harvest season!


For The Plot-Tender: Seeds

You can’t go wrong supplying your favorite gardeners with seeds for next year’s garden. What do they love to grow? What kind of flower might look lovely in their yard? What’s their favorite salad ingredient? Gifting seeds can become an immensely personal gift if you spend some time reflecting on your giftee’s dream garden.

Ordering organic seeds from an online catalog is the best choice for most people — unless you are shopping locally, in which case, a trip to your local garden store will be a fun gift-buying endeavor.

It’s incredibly important that seeds are always kept dry, out of direct sunlight, and in a cool place. Thus, mailing seeds yourself can be tricky.

It’s best to let the seed company do their expert shipping to be sure the seeds are preserved well. Or simply go with the gift of a seed store gift card and let your giftee choose their own seeds!


For The Homesteader: Folding Wheelbarrow

This recent invention is a truly brilliant garden up-level! Usually with a polyester-based fabric, a folding wheelbarrow reminds us of a cross between a hammock and a regular wheelbarrow. These light-weight tools save space, are easy to operate, and are incredibly cute!

For The Landscaper: Hose Storage

How many people really have an attractive hose storage system that brightens their garden? Let’s face it: most of us are making due with an old tire or the dull hose-hanger that came with our home.

Spice up your loved one’s home and garden with a high-quality hose house, ceramic hose bowl,  or a shiny metal hose holder.



For The Heavy Harvester: Food Dehydrator

All those tomatoes! Endless berries! Plentiful peppers! What’s a better gift to a gardener than the gift of their harvest all year-round?

A food dehydrator is an unexpected gift for the gardeners whose vines, bushes, shrubs, and fruit trees overflow with abundant fruit and veggies. Accompanied by a food-drying recipe book, this could revolutionize your gardener’s home kitchen!

For The Chef: Canning Supplies

Much like a food dehydrator, the gift of canning equipment is another great gift for the gardener who grows bountiful crops. Canning can be a time-consuming, detail-oriented operation, so this gift is best for gardeners you’re close with — and ones you know will appreciate a new hobby.

Before you purchase a gift like this, you should do a little under-the-radar investigating to find out what kind of crops your gardener grows in abundance. Acidic and non-acidic foods are canned with different methods, either by water bath canning or pressure canning. The water bath method is the choice for acidic foods like tomatoes, salsa, fruits or pie fillings, jam, sauerkraut, and pickles. Pressure canning is used for low-acidity foods like meat, stock, carrots, and other high-pH veggies like potatoes, corn, green beans, soups, and peas.

Not sure which type of canning will fit best in your loved one’s life? Some mason jars, lids and rings, and a gift certificate for a local farm and feed store will always do the trick, too!


For The Wildlife Lover: Water Dish or Bird Bath

A “bird bath” in an urban habitat is so much more: it supports pollinators, other urban wildlife, and, yes, birds. Pollinators like butterflies and bees need drinkable water, too.

Water-holding dishes for gardens come in all shapes and designs nowadays — look around online and in your favorite local garden supply stores for standing, hanging, and low-to-the-ground water dishes.

Be sure that it’s made from sustainable materials (hopefully not a lot of plastics), is non-toxic (glass is great!), and suits your gardener’s needs. Does their yard or landscape have a tree that could house a hanging birdbath? What are their space restrictions? Might there be pets and kids running around that would make any glass or ceramic objects a hazard?

Not only does installing a bird bath nurture the ecosystem at large, it also makes landscaping a joyful place to sit and enjoy nature as bees buzz and birds play around the garden’s new centerpiece.


For Everyone: Organic Fertilizer

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that True Organic Plant Foods make incredible gifts for every type of plant-lover, from houseplant parents to raised bed farmers.

We recommend our All Purpose Plant Food for everyone (our Liquid All Purpose Plant Food is great for indoor gardeners) and our unique Liquid Bloom Boost for the flower lovers and fruit and veg growers in your family.

Happy gifting!