Our Story.

The story of True Organic began when a group of colleagues in California’s Central Valley got together and decided it was time to stop treating soil like dirt.

In the late 1990s, our founder Jake Evans saw how our soil was being saturated with synthetic, petroleum-derived chemicals, and depleted of its natural ability to sequester CO2 and retain precious water. And he saw how the fruits and vegetables we grow for our families were being robbed of their taste, nutritional value, and natural goodness.

To make matters worse, alongside the synthetic fertilizers were scores of new products entering the market that claimed to be ‘natural and organic’ but weren’t. The organics industry lacked standards – and so did the products upon which soil fertility depends.

Jake and our team saw the opportunity to create a new line of plant foods based on a surprisingly simple idea – one that’s embodied in our name.

What if we sourced only premium ingredients – avoiding all chemicals, additives, or fillers – and spelled them out clearly on the label so the home gardener could understand them?

What if we managed the entire manufacturing process, from the ethical sourcing of ingredients to ultimate customer satisfaction? And what if we worked with the industry in a collaborative fashion to help raise standards for everyone?

Today, we remain family-owned, independently run, and our team has grown into dozens of committed cohorts. We are united in our belief that biologically balanced, healthy soil is vital to supporting plants, produce, people, and planet in an age of increasing drought, climate change, and biodiversity loss.

As passionate home gardeners ourselves, we need to be assured that what we sell does no harm and produces an abundance of the foods we love.

Because at the end of day, setting a higher standard must pass this simple but all-important test: “Are the plant foods I use truly organic and responsible to my family and future generations?”

The answer is yes. And to that we remain true.

"I’ve always felt success comes with being honest.Fulfilling our commitments is our TOP priority."