May 16, 2022

4 Awesome Apps to Grow Your Best Garden Ever

4 Awesome Apps to Grow Your Best Garden Ever‍

Are you a data-loving gardener ready to take your outdoor habitat to the next level? Plan, plant, care for, and harvest your best garden ever with these unique apps created with you in mind.

Even the most skilled gardeners know that growing plants is both an art and a science — but perhaps more of a science! Routine, patience, observation, innovation, and good tracking systems are key parts of keeping a flourishing garden.

Whether you’re growing vines or veggies, flowers or grasses, a digital gardening tool can help you bring it all together. Here are our favorites!



Garden Journal by Territorial Seed Company

This app is jam-packed with tools for an epic garden, including one of the most extensive garden journal trackers we’ve ever seen. Track what you’ve planted, when to water, when to prune, pest appearance, weather, and more, and add photos.

One of our favorite parts of the Garden Journal app is the robust and easy-to-access expert advice. The pest prevention and treatment library is mind-boggling in its volume and eco-friendly tips (explore it on their website, too!). Plus, you’ll have access to weather forecasts and growing advice for almost 200 veggies, herbs, and fruits. It’s a gardener’s dream! Garden Journal is free, but you can upgrade to get email reminders and access its garden layout tool.

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Gardening Companion by Gardening Know How

Think of the GKH Gardening Companion app as your personal garden assistant.

With a wealth of gardening information at your fingertips, Gardening Companion provides easy access to a huge swath of articles, tips, photos, and videos. You can even tag your favorites and organize by theme to curate your own personalized garden reading list.

Track your garden’s progress with the built-in garden journal and reminder alerts for planting, watering, fertilizing, and more.

For social butterflies and online networkers, Gardening Companion will be a favorite. This app also links in a fun social component: save and share your gardening content through email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Garden Plan Pro

Dream, create, and grow your garden with Garden Plan Pro.

This powerful app is the top of the line when it comes to planning and understanding your garden. All types of gardening enthusiasts will love the in-depth information on planting advice, layout and drawing tools, and crop rotation alerts.

Information from over 6,500 weather stations in 20 countries help recommend planting and harvest date recommendations, adapted to your climate.

Garden Plan Pro is completely suitable for novice gardeners, but gardeners who are ready to expand their horizons and zoom in with extra precision will love this app!

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This one is for the citizen scientist gardeners!

iNaturalist was developed in partnership by the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society to help everyday plant lovers like you connect, learn, and grow.

iNaturalist features a place to record your observations of plants, insects, and more — then crowdsources with expert and other citizen scientists to help identify and understand your environment. Become a part of a worldwide community of nature-lovers and gardening enthusiasts while you learn about your own backyard.

Why are we including a naturalist app in our list of great garden apps?

Because being a successful gardener means relating to the whole ecosystem around you, including plants, pollinators, microorganisms, and animals. When you can quickly identify the bug that’s devouring your kale, it’s a lot easier to figure out a pest solution.

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